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September Feature Article: Over the Counter Addiction
A recent trend among young people involves over-the-counter medicines that young people are abusing to get high.  What adults and kids do not realize is the harm these medicines can cause when abused in extremely large amounts and the fact that it is easily accessible to our youth.  Surveys and studies completed in the last few years indicate a continuing rise in over-the-counter abuse.

Here are the facts:

  • Many over-the-counter medicines contain a mixture of drugs (one for coughs, another for fever, another for aches and pains).  Overdosing intensifies the effects of each dangerously.

  • Many over-the-counter drugs contain acetaminophen (pain reliever) which causes liver damage when taken in large doses.

  • Large doses can cause clumsiness, vision problems and even dramatically slow down the heart and lungs.

  • Most people develop a tolerance quickly to over-the-counter medicines which means higher doses are needed each time.  Over-the-counter drugs can become very addictive, very quickly.

  • Over-the-counter medicines that are most abused are cough syrup, cold medicines, pain killers, and diet pills.

More information is available at or contact NW Prevention Resource Center.


Youth Risk Conference
he Second Annual Youth Risk Conference will be held September 30th-October 1st at the Golden Hills Resort in Lead, SD. The cost is $30.00 per person and includes lunch and snacks each day.

The pre-conference agenda on Tuesday will provide break-out sessions on  animal and child abuse, reactive attachment disorder,   psilocybin mushrooms, and  children of      alcoholics.

Wednesday’s keynote speaker is Bigg Milt, the former host of the PBS series, “Parenting Works.”  The former 6’ 7”, 300 pound college football standout provides straight talk on the important challenges facing young people, families, and modern society.

Lt. Ed Moses will speak on the “Gateway Theory and Marijuana Legalization”.  His  41 years of experience in law enforcement       including undercover narcotics work and a long list of awards makes him an expert on youth and  drug use trends in our country today.

For more information or to register, contact Kara Graveman at (605) 347-2991 or e-mail 

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